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  • Fremont Hayward


Getting Started

Simply give us a call or send an email with your phone number and what you’re interested in. We will set up a free temperament screening for you and your dog to come and meet us. After our meeting, if you decide to move forward, we can start services at any time; your dog may even stay immediately afterwards. During this meeting we will:

  • Get to know your Dog and understand his/her needs
  • Discuss what you are looking for
  • Give you information about our facility
  • Answer any Questions you may have
  • Introduce your dog to a few others
  • Have you fill out a simple form

Temperament Screening Details

  • Plan for dropping your pet off for a few hours.
  • Bring vaccination information when you come (rabies, bordetella and DHLPP)
  • We can schedule a time that works with you

Behavior Requirements

  • Dogs must pass our temperament screen and be nonaggressive toward people and other dogs. The temperament evaluation must be scheduled prior to actual daycare and/or boarding dates.
  • Be comfortable in our group environment.

Vaccinations and Health

  • All dogs must be in good health, free of fleas, worms and parasites and be under regular veterinary care.
  • All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. We must have documentation from your veterinarian of your dog’s DHPP(Hepatitis,Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza) Bordatella, and Rabies vaccinations.
  • Additional vaccination that can further protect your pet while in an outdoor/social environment are Leptospirosis, Giardia, Lyme Disease, Adenovirus and Coronavirus. We recommend discussing your attendance at a daycare with your vet to get their recommendations.
  • All dogs 1 year or older must be spayed or neutered. Owners of unfixed dogs younger than a year must have the intention of fixing them before 1 year.
  • Please call us to discuss if you have a young puppy who does not yet have all of his puppy shots.

Reservation Requirements

  • We have no specific requirement for how far in advance you must make your reservation. As long as your dog has passed our screening requirements and we have space, we will take your reservation. However, all of our services are generally full during school breaks, summer and holidays so we strongly encourage you to make your reservations early. We are also experiencing full days in daycare periodically throughout the year. We recommend having a standing daycare appointment to have a guaranteed spot.
  • Cancellations may be made up until 5 PM the night before a scheduled service to avoid a no-show fee.
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